(We work with limited coaches & consultants)

The Reason! why you should Work with US?

We have been working only with coaches, consultants & trainers niche for the past 3 years. To help them achieve 6-7 figure digital business with proven Landing page structure, direct sales copy & Facebook ads. [without depending on multiple resources & experts].

Funnel marketing changed OUR life forever

  • Proven Result: We have 7-figure proven results through funnel marketing, which has achieved $2M in revenue by spending half a million on FB Ads (Consistent & Predictable Results)

  • Niche Expert: We have chosen to work only with coaches, consultants & trainers based on my past failure, passion & purpose. So that I can solve the biggest problem in the industry. (Strong domain knowledge to grow the digital business)

  • Constant Learner: We have become a daily learner to match the current trends & strategies. So that I can adapt to all situations and provide better results. (Part of top most Internet Marketing programs & Following top digital gurus)


It’s Simple; I Create One Of A Kind Landing Page That Sell Low / High-Ticket Offers Using 1 Repeatable Framework *REVEALED LOWER ON THIS PAGE*

our 7- figure marketing asset for coaching Industry

Every single day we will create 15+ new camps and 50+ Adset, Every week we generate 1200–1500 leads for webinars. I will optimise every two days and track the metrix every single day.
#1 Facebook Ads – 7 Figure Results 
10+ Business manager | 20+ Ad acc | 800+ Camp | $.5M Ads spent  | $2M Revenue $ | 5+ frame work
#2 Funnels – Conversion Focused 
Proven Structure | Conversion Focuses Funnel | Strategical Layout | Psychological Placement & Sequence | Brand Consistency | Visual Impact Creative Design | Speed Optimized | Customized Fonts & Icons | Perfect Line Spacing & Letter Spacing | Mobile Optimized
#3 Copywriting – Direct sales copy
Hook | Subheading | Features & Benefits | Story | Problem Spot Light | AIDA, PAS, BAB | Offer & Pitch | 7Q & Halo strategy
#4 Visual Designs – Marketing creatives
Ads creatives | Landing page graphics | Branding | Custom fonts | Presentation Deck | Mockups | Winning templates |
#5 Video editing -Influencing & Engaging
Video Ads | Video Sale letter | Testimony Video | Information content | Case Study Video | Presentation video | Auto webinar video
#6 Presentation Design – Impactful Deck
Webinar Deck | Consulting Deck | Workshop Deck | Training program Deck | Main Program Deck
Aaron Fletcher | Russell Burnson | Mikael Dia | Benjamin D. Simkin | Vick Strizheus | Siddharth Rajsekar | Justin Woll | Sabari Suby | Puneeth | Gusten Sun | Gaurav Madan
#8 My Own Scientific Approach – For All Coaching & Consulting Programmes
5P framework | Narrowing Audience | 3rd Eye Framework | Core Values | Benefit Identifiers | Million Dollar Message | Solution Ladder | Brand Positioning | Brand Problem Statement | Brand Story | Lander Secret | Offer Ladder | Sales Script | Fb Funnel
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